Search Engine Optimization Service in Finland

Our search engine optimization (hakukoneoptimointi) service is absolutely risk-free because you will only be paying for results. We can give you this customer promise because we are certain about our expertise and are accustomed to achieving our goals.\n\nWe analyze – with each and every client – the most common keywords and their monthly search volumes in the client’s field of business. After this we select the most important keywords together and set ranking goals on Google search results (e.g. TOP 5). Then we begin with the actual search engine optimization. You can have a look below at how Hakukonekeisari performs its search engine optimization.

1. On-Site Optimization

Google continuously updates its criteria according to which it ranks its search results. That is why we always begin our work by analyzing the structure of the client’s site. We give the client valuable tips on how their site can be optimized to be more Google-friendly.

2. Versatile Backlinking

For several years, links that come from other sites have been weighted by Google in its rankings, which is why we will build versatile links to your site from multiple sources via our own network. This is a safe and certain way for your site to receive natural links from high-quality websites.

3. Keeping Daily Track of Search Results

We constantly monitor changes in search result rankings as well. We send monthly reports to all of our clients on the rankings of their sites. With these reports, you too will be able to keep track of the search result rankings of your site and use them to your advantage when you analyze your site’s traffic.

Result-Oriented SEO

What is important for us is that your website will climb as high as possible in Google search results, gaining your site more visitors, more leads, and more sales. In a word, our search engine optimization service is always result-oriented. The graph below shows how the Google search result ranking of our client’s site reached top 2 in less than two months.

Top 2 Ranking in Only Two Months

Hakukonesijoitusten automaattinen seuranta

Our Operating Model

1. First, we want to know the most important keyword in your field of business, one that provides the most results to your enterprise. We always perform a keyword analysis, which helps us estimate the volumes and benefits of different searches with your business in mind.

2. We pick one or more keywords together, set up a goal for your Google ranking and we begin the SEO work. Your job is to wait for a report on the development of search result rankings and observe the increase of visitors on your website.\n\n3. When your Google ranking goal has been achieved and as long as your site retains its ranking, we will charge you monthly for search engine optimization. If your site’s ranking drops, you will not receive an invoice for the service until you are back within the ranking goal.

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How Much Does SEO Cost?

How much does a car cost? There are many factors involved. If you are looking for a car that gets you from A to B, you may cheaply buy yourself a tiny Fiat or a car that is already half-wrecked. If you are looking for safety, speed, comfort and reliability, you also have to be ready to pay a little more.\nWith SEO, as with many other things, you usually get exactly what you pay for. Many sites offer SEO services for as cheap as 50 or 100 euros promising the best possible results and a whole lot of new leads and customers. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.


SEO CitySEO FinlandSEO Finland PlusSEO International
keywords10 keywords50 keywords50+keywords
Keyword and marketing research
Site auditing and reports
Technical SEO
On-Site SEO
Local SEO in Finland
High-Quality backlinking
# of optimized keywords3 pcs10 pcs50 pcs
# of monitored keywords520100
Ranking reportsEvery 30 daysEvery 30 daysEvery 30 daysEvery 14 days
490 €/month990 €/month2990 €/monthAsk for a quote!
Contact now!Contact now!Contact now!Contact now!


SEO City: Your enterprise operates in one city or town.

SEO Finland: Your enterprise operates nationwide, e.g. an online store.

SEO Finland Plus: Your enterprise conducts business online but also has a brick and mortar office. For expansive enterprises and export businesses.

SEO International: The enterprise or concern conducts business internationally or otherwise in multiple locations, or aims for rapid expansion.

High-Quality and Result-Oriented Search Engine Optimization

High-quality search engine optimization is not cheap. SEO requires an experienced professional to perform the optimization and to figure out where you can get both high-quality and trustworthy links to your site. It also requires time and dedication to ensure that your site constantly receives enough links and references in social media.

If these actions are not performed carefully, results cannot be seen, or they can be seen too fast and you risk receiving a penalty from Google and your site will be hidden from Google search results completely.

Regardless of how you eventually want to carry out your website’s search engine optimization, we recommend that you do not choose a ridiculously cheap service provider that promises excellent results. If your site is damaged by careless search engine optimization, it may be extremely difficult to fix – even for a SEO professional.

Constant Monitoring of Search Result Rankings

We think that the most important phase in search engine optimization and all internet marketing in general is the analysis and monitoring of results. To make this possible we offer a monthly report on Google search result rankings in all of our SEO services. The reports give reliable data on your search result rankings that vary daily. The reports will be sent to you via e-mail as a pdf-file either every 30 or 14 days depending on your SEO service selection.

SEO for Online Stores

Do you work in a field of tough competition? Does a particular online store thrive in your field despite the competition? Success can usually be explained with two things: either the online store invests a great deal of money on marketing, or their search engine optimization has been performed properly. The latter brings in potential customers without having to pay extra for every visitor. Even though high-quality SEO brings some costs, it also brings a cost-effective way of gaining an increased customer flow.

What Does High-Quality SEO Include?

Thorough search engine optimization is a three-phase project. It includes technical optimization, on-site optimization and off-site optimization. Technical optimization is largely affected by the speed of the website, data compression and how powerful the server is.

On-Site Optimization of an Online Store

  • Optimization of content on the main page
  • Optimization of titles and descriptions of product categories
  • Optimization of product names and descriptions
  • Optimization and compression of product images
  • Optimization of title tags and meta-descriptions
  • Optimization of on-site links

Off-Site Optimization of an Online Store

  • Getting backlinks from related sites in the field of business
  • Constructing a high-quality link profile
  • Utilization of social media in Google optimization
  • Only accepting genuine and safe backlinks

Should I Do My Online Store’s SEO Myself?

You absolutely should! It is the cheapest way if you have the time and dedication to perform the necessary optimizations and to keep track of the situation every day. However, if competition is tough in your field and other companies dedicate resources to internet marketing, it may be that SEO that you perform yourself just does not provide good enough results (read: sales). If you want to concentrate on expanding your online business, you should consider outsourcing your website’s SEO to a professional that has been able to provide first-rate results for online stores in other fields.

3 Online stores, 3 Different Experiences

Now you may read about changes in three different online stores since we began cooperation with them.

1. Online Specialty Store

The field of this business is special in that the items it sells are usually sought on Google with just a few different keywords. Our client could be found last on Google’s first search result page with the most important keyword (over 10 000 searches per month). About a month after our cooperation started, the online store climbed to number 2 with this keyword. This also significantly affected the company’s monthly sales, they grew by over 300%.

2. Online Store of Women’s Clothing

We began cooperation in January, which was well ahead of time because the store’s main season is from May to September. What this meant was that we had a great deal of time to prepare for the season from the standpoint of SEO. We chose 5 important keywords to be optimized, and these keywords climbed to Google’s TOP 5 in less than two months. This could also be seen in sales, for March’s sales were twice as big compared to the best month of the previous year. The client was quite happy with the results considering that their main season had not even started.

3. An Online Store in the Real Estate Business

This online store has a large catalog of products that are not sought on Google in very large volumes. We chose 10+ different keywords and began our optimization. As the client’s rankings in search results climbed to TOP 5, a change happened in their sales. The number of orders did not increase significantly, but the average order value grew and the client started to receive more orders by phone.

Online Store SEO COST

Our search engine optimization service includes a cost-effective Google optimization so that you will receive concrete results and increased sales without paying for empty promises.\n\nOur projects vary a great deal depending on the state of competition in different fields and the workload of a search engine optimization. We offer our clients an effective search engine optimization service starting at 350€/month (excl. VAT). If you are dedicated to expand your online store’s sales, fill out a contact request form below, and we will work out if search engine optimization can provide a real benefit for your business.

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